Passions and Projects:  Meaningful projects usually stem from passions.  For example, a passion could be a love of fine art, crafts, photography, music, quilt-making, birding, gardening, writing, Chi gung, ballroom dancing, or mountain climbing.  Other passions could be an historical research project, a particular volunteer activity, or a quest to unravel one’s family past.

Sharing your Passions and Projects:  In Tower Court where we will be based, the Great Hall, two small living rooms, one with a screen and DVD player, and several alcoves adjoining the Great Hall will be available for our use.

We hope that our Passions and Projects can be accommodated in one of three formats:

  1. Small displays of tangible objects or DVDs (e.g., books, art work, photographs, crafts, etc.) These could be up all weekend or at scheduled times at which the creator will be present – up to you.  (At other times we can secure the objects in a locked room.)
  2. Pop-up Mini presentations.  Passions or Projects that are better presented in a discussion format, can take place in the alcoves in the Great Hall and other spaces.  Topics such as starting a garden club or photographing wildlife could be shared.  We also would like to make time for more personal topics, such as dealing with the loss of a loved one.  These discussions are currently targeted for Saturday afternoon.
  3. And finally, a collective PowerPoint “video of Passions and Projects will be produced.  Slides with voice-over and certain formats of video can be embedded into PowerPoint.  Submissions for the PowerPoint can be up to three (3) minutes long, preferably less, and must be in a compatible format.  We picture the video being no more than 30-minutes long, and could be played for everyone, possibly Saturday morning, or at other times during the weekend.  It would be possible to participate in the video as an introduction to your work, followed by one of the other activities.

We were the first class to acquire academic credit for fine arts, and our classmates have distinguished themselves in music, politics, law, medicine, academics, volunteer work, religion, etc.  We have experienced the joys of family life, friendship, involvement in our communities, and the challenges of coping with illness and loss. We have a lot to talk about and to celebrate!

Please let us know by March 15 whether you would like to participate in “Passions and Projects.”  Tell us briefly about the passion/project you would like to share, and in which of the formats we have described.  Email Nancy Kellogg Lightbody regarding the video. For the other formats: classmates with college last names A-M, please email Judy Siskind, and with college last names N-Z, please email Sally Giddings Smith.  Please write Passions and Projects on the subject line of your email.

To see the 1968 class schedule with full listings of events at Reunion 2018, click here.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

The Passions and Projects Team:
Nancy Kellogg Lightbody: (207) 781-4670
Judy Siskind: (305) 323-5680
Sally Giddings Smith: (207)-633-2710 or (207) 350 2286