Clair Brown was excited to be invited to the Vatican to give a talk, “Living a Balanced Life in the Digital Age.” Best of all, she met with Pope Francis on May 26 and presented him a copy of her book Buddhist Economics (the Italian edition).


An interview with Sandra Kulli appeared in Ageist, available online here. Speaking of Sandra, she and Liz Wilde Berkenkamp met for dinner in West Hollywood. Liz was there to visit one of her sons, Chris, a director filming The Story of Everything: Kealoha, a performance by the Hawaiian poet laureate, who is also an honored MIT nuclear physics graduate.

Class Notes Fall 2018 by J. Harte

These notes will cover our reunion, our class officers, news, and your assignment.

Reunion: World’s best reunion ever! Huge thanks go out to all who worked so hard to make our 50th such a success, especially reunion co-chairs Ellen Genat Hoffman and Ursula Moore Smith. I was never hungry, thirsty, lonely, or bored. Wow. And weren’t we lucky with the weather? A special shout out to the record book editors Lynne Williams Bair and Kristin Gamble Flood, who created an amazing document making class notes kind of unnecessary for a while.

Class officers: Many thanks to our retiring officers: President Jane Turner Philippi, Vice President Susan Ujifusa Diamond, Treasurer Wendy Wyse, Secretary Sally Giddings Smith, and Wellesley Fund Rep Lynn Chornyei Thurber.

Now we have a new slate: President Lynn Chornyei Thurber, who says “I, along with all of our newly elected class officers, look forward to stewarding the remarkable class of 1968 through to our 55th reunion. We will endeavor to sustain the strong spirit and camaraderie of our class as evidenced during our fabulous half-century reunion. I was absolutely delighted to hear about the activities of a number of our classmates during the various ‘Passions and Projects’ presentations. What a variety of interesting journeys we have all been on! We welcome all suggestions for what you would like for class communications and activities for the next five years.” The others are Vice President Jane Plummer Fenn, Treasurer Janet Conn, Wellesley Fund Representative Susan Little Berry, and Secretary Judy Harte (me), who is a physicist, not a writer. Even so, I will strive to fulfill my duties and live up to your trust in me.

Want to know more about your officers? Just look them up in our marvelous 50th reunion record book.

Your assignment: Please, please send me your news for my future class notes. I’ll need your submissions a few days in advance of my deadlines, which are Dec. 1, March 1, May 1, and Sept. 1.