Class Notes  Spring 2019

Dana Mosser Shares 50th Reunion Parade Reflections

As I walked down College Road, passing the posted signs for each successive class, I remember wondering, “Who in the world would be watching the Parade, since essentially everyone was going to be in it?” It seemed such a long walk past so many women dressed in white, before finally arriving at the spot for the class of 1968. There so many of us gathered with our varied, whimsical, red embellishments, and our red/white striped umbrellas!   I took photos, chatted and waited.

At last, the Board & President came walking into view, in white, with their “belly dancing” jingle scarves tied around their hips, acknowledging their class connections via multiple colors.  Big positive, celebratory waving and cheering was launched by their appearance on College Road. Then followed the antique cars with the delightful Ancients (as in "even older than we are"). It was such an enthusiastic reception for class of 1943, then for ’48, ’53, etc! I felt the energy really rise as 1963 passed us, and then we stepped into the Parade behind them. 

We were such a big group, embodying a powerfully upbeat spirit! I laughed and enjoyed it in a way that truly surprised me.  Carried along by that positive spirit, we passed ’73, ’78, ’83, etc. with the changing class colors and successively younger faces. Big cheers for us, the huge 50th Reunion class, continued!

Suddenly, I tipped into a somewhat altered state, feeling accompanied by images of my life while passing each successive class sign:  San Diego, Minneapolis, Mexico, Switzerland, New York, births of children, scuba diving, Montessori materials, art projects, divorce, harp, grandchildren, different homes, friends, rather like a movie of my life running backwards. I realized I was connecting with my ever-younger self.  Lots of feelings (happy and some not so) emerged with tears, surprise, laughter, all the while buoyed by the upbeat energy of cheering from the classes we passed. Suddenly, noticing the sign of the class of 2018 coming up, I was flooded with utter love for that 21 year old I was when I graduated. With her courage, curiosity, and capacity to live in present time (albeit unconsciously for many years), my life developed in such unexpected ways. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my life, moving through dramatic ups and downs, confusing, tough, lonely times as well as delightful, unexpectedly miraculous phases, marching onward, choosing new pathways and making ever more conscious choices. I felt so utterly grateful to have finally come to embrace the flow of universal divine loving energy as ever-available, trustworthy support for courageously choosing the direction of my next step and each successive one.

It was an extraordinarily healing walk for me down College Road.  I shall always cherish that magical morning. I’m so glad that I finally attended a Wellesley Reunion!

Dana Mosser  ‘68

as described to classmate Dene Leopold, when asked “Why I was so delighted with the Parade?”